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Configuring the project


Before we get into the step of developing reading templates, there are some important points we need to pay attention to:

  • If you are using a BotCity community edition license, BotCity Documents features will only be available during the trial period.
  • Keep in mind that community licenses provide access to BotCity Documents features for creating new templates for the first month of use only.
  • Make sure you have your BotCity Studio SDK installed and ready to use.


BotCity Documents is available as a Python package on PyPI.

You can install it with:

pip install botcity-documents

BotCity Documents is available as a Java dependency in the Nexus repository.

The dependency will be installed automatically after being added to your pom.xml:


    <!-- Your other dependencies -->

Getting Started

After you install this package, it is highly recommended that you install the BotCity Studio to leverage its intuitive interface and automatic code generation for document parsing.

See more about BotCity Studio.

Creating a project with BotCity Studio

With the help of BotStudio, using your intuitive interface, it is possible to generate automatic code to analyze documents.

To get started, it is necessary to create a new project in BotCity Studio, or load an existing project, through a file with extension .botproj.

Creating a new project

In BotCity Studio:

  • When accessing the top menu, click File >> New Project


Fill in all the fields and create your new project.


  • Project Name: Name for your project.
  • Project Folder: Point to the root folder of the Python project.
  • Source Code: Point to the Python code folder.
  • Resources: Point to the resources folder (if necessary).

Loading an existing project

It is also possible to load a existing project in BotCity Studio if you are using the BotCity Project Template, for this, follow the instructions below:

In BotCity Studio:

  • When accessing the top menu click on File >> Load Project.

Load project Windows

  • Click Browse, and navigate to your project folder to select the file .botproj.

  • Click on Launch.

At the end of this step, your project will be properly synchronized with BotCity Studio, and you can access it through the Code tab.

Loading a document

Before starting to create the template with BotCity Studio, you need to load the file you want to analyze and read.

For this, at BotCity Studio, access:

  • Documents >> Load new Document, that will open the window below:



  • File: The PDF file to be analyzed or read.
  • Parameters:
    • Provider: The provider that will be used to make text extractions.
    • Page Number: Pages numbers that want to make text extractions.
  • Options:

    • Generate code for imports and load file? - By leaving this option checked, BotCity Studio will automatically generate the code for importing the package and instantiate the document parser.


    If you already have an instance of parser in your code, it is not necessary to keep this option checked when loading a new document.

    • Force reprocessing? - By leaving this option checked you are enabling BotCity Studio to force the reprocessing of this file and recalculate all entries.


    By default BotCity Studio reuses the entries that have already been calculated if it is the same file, provider and page.

When filling in fields, and clicking Load your PDF file will be properly uploaded, and will be available on the BotCity Studio PDF tab.


In the following sections, you will find more details on how to work with text-type documents and image-type documents.