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Document Processing

With document processing it is possible to read and analyze documents.

Using BotCity Studio, it is possible to generate templates with an approach very similar to the humans read documents.

Types of PDF documents

To create a template with BotCity Studio, it is essential that you load a PDF document of text or image type.

  • Text PDF: Standard text PDF document.
  • Image PDF: Document with images and photographic/scanned PDF files.


For image PDFs, OCR is used and its language can be configured using the BotCity Studio Preferences panel.

Loading documents

To get started you need to load the file you want to analyze and read.


Select the PDF document and desired options based on the type of document to be processed.


It will load in the BotCity Studio PDF tab.


Capturing elements for reading

Now, to create a reading template of a document, it is very simple.

Just click and drag the mouse to select the field you want to read (outlined in red). And then, select the read area related to that field (outlined in blue) as shown in the image below:


To learn more about document processing and how to build templates follow the steps available at the Document Processing section.