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log create

This command creates a new custom log in the platform.

./BotCLI log create [arguments]

What are the arguments?

Argument Required Description
-activityLabel Yes The label that will be used as the log identifier.
-columns Yes JSON representation of the columns to be created.
-repository No The repository where the log will be created. Default is the DEFAULT repository.


The columns are a defined as a JSON list of column objects with the following structure:

        name: "Date/Time",
        label: "timestamp",
        width: "150"
        name: "Records",
        label: "numRecords",
        width: "100"


  • name is the display name of the column.
  • label is the internal name/identifier of the column.
  • width is the suggested width of the column in pixels.


Create a new log with label demoLog with the columns Date/Time and Records:

./BotCLI log create -activityLabel "demoLog" -columns '[{\"name\":\"Date/Time\",\"label\":\"timestamp\",\"width\":\"150\"},{\"name\":\"Records\",\"label\":\"numRecords\",\"width\":\"100\"}]'