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We are constantly developing frameworks and plugins to get the best productivity.

As of now, BotCity offers the following frameworks:

  • Desktop Automation
  • Web Automation

When to Use Each Framework

The Desktop Automation framework is very powerful and allow you to automate any task on your computer. It doesn't matter if it is a Desktop, Web or Android application. As long as you can interact with it using your mouse, keyboard or touchpad, you can use it.

The Web Automation framework on the other hand, is limited only to web applications and its scope is concentrated on the browser. This means that you can't interact with elements outside of the browser, but you can interact with the browser itself. Interacting directly with the browser allows you to not only perform keyboard and mouse operations but also execute custom javascript code and interact with the DOM.

Another huge advantage of the Web Automation framework is that you can run it in headless mode, in the background and in parallel with other tasks without interrupting or blocking your resources.

Check our tutorials and learn more about the different frameworks.