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Credentials store keys and passwords that can be used in your automations.

Create a simple credential

If you want to create a credential via SDK, it's simple, you need to use the following method:

maestro.create_credential(label="test", key="test", value="test")
maestro.createCredential("testLabel", "testKey", "testValue");
await maestro.createCredential("test", "test", "test")
await maestro.createCredential("test", "test", "test")

Get credential on Maestro

To get the credential it is necessary to use the "get credential" method as follows:

credential = maestro.get_credential(label="test", key="test")
String credential = maestro.getCredential("testLabel", "testKey");
const credential = await maestro.getCredential("test", "test")
const credential: string = await maestro.getCredential("test", "test")