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BotCity is a complete platform for developers to build, deploy, manage and scale automations.


Leveraging our open-source frameworks in Python and Java, you can develop your automations in a simple and intuitive way.

Build your Desktop or Web Automations with our coding assistant BotCity Studio and unlock the power of Computer Vision to recognize UI elements in order to interact with them. Instead of inspecting applications, reverse engineering, you can create UI flows from the same perspective of the final user.

Speed up your development and reduce the time spent on learning APIs with our ready to use plugins for popular services such as Amazon AWS, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, and more.


Deploy your automations to the BotCity Maestro orchestrator with our command line interface.


Manage your automations with BotCity Maestro, a powerful and easy-to-use orchestrator that allows you to monitor and control your tasks, manage your machines and audit your pipeline in a centralized way.


Choose where to run your automation by simply installing the BotCity Runner, no matter if it is a virtual machine, Docker container or AWS Lambda.