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Web Automation

Go beyond the DOM and use the power of computer vision to find and interact with elements on your webpage.

The following sections will help you to understand how to use the Web Automation framework and all the features available divided in different categories.

  • Configuration: Learn how to configure the framework.
  • Navigation: Learn how to navigate to different pages and handle multiple windows and tabs.
  • Alerts: Learn how to interact with alerts and other JavaScript dialogs.
  • Frames: Learn how to interact with switch context in and out of iframes.
  • Display: Learn how to interact with the display and get screenshots, display size and much more.
  • Computer Vision: Learn how to use computer vision to find elements on your screen.
  • DOM: Learn how to interact with the DOM, find elements and interact with them.
  • Keyboard: Learn how to type, use shortcuts and more.
  • Mouse: Learn how to interact with the mouse and perform clicks, drag and drop and more.
  • Clipboard: Learn how to exchange information with the clipboard.
  • Forms: Learn how to interact with forms and input fields.
  • Waits: Learn about wait methods such as sleep, wait for file and more.
  • Parsers: Learn how to parse different types of data from the webpage.
  • Misc.: Learn about other miscellaneous features.