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credentials: tuple property readonly

The credentials being used for authentication.

ms365_account: Account property readonly

The Office365/Microsoft365 account service.

You can use this property to access Microsoft365 functionalities.

__init__(self, client_id, client_secret, token_path='') special



Name Type Description Default
client_id str

The client ID for the app created in the Azure Portal.

client_secret str

The id from the generated client secret.

token_path str

The path that will be used to create the token file. Defaults to the current working dir.


authenticate(self, scopes=[])

Authenticate the Microsoft365 account with the credentials of the created application.

Scopes must match permissions added to the project in the Azure portal.


Name Type Description Default
scopes List[Scopes]

The permission scopes defined in the Scopes class that will be used for authentication.