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In the preferences tab, you can get data such as the label and the date of creation of your organization and can edit name, country, and default language.

Here you can also opt-in to enable a strict password policy for your organization which we describe in detail below.

Preferences Tab

Security Policy Password Rules

By default, BotCity Orchestrator requires only a minimum password length of 8 characters. You can opt-in to enable a strict password policy for your organization. This policy enforces the following rules:

  • Minimum password length of 12 characters;
  • At least one uppercase letter;
  • At least one lowercase letter;
  • At least one number;
  • At least one special character;
  • Passwords cannot be equal to the two previous passwords;
  • Passwords expire after 90 days;


Enforcing the strict password policy will also trigger a mandatory password change for all users in your organization.

This means that all users will be logged out and will have to change their password before being able to log in again.