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File Handling

Monitor your file system for new files, compress and decompress files and folders using our new Files plugin.


pip install botcity-files-plugin

Importing the Plugin

After you installed this package, the next step is to import the package into your code and start using the functions.

from botcity.plugins.files import BotFilesPlugin

Working with ZIP files

With this plugin, you can easily zip and unzip folders and files as needed.

Using specific files

# Instantiate the plugin
files = BotFilesPlugin()

# List of all files that will be zipped
files_path = ['documents/example_1.txt', 'images/test.png']

# Creates a zip file called "my_zip" containing the given files
files.zip_files(files_path, "")

Using entire folders

We can also create a zip file containing all the contents of the given directory, including files and subfolders.

# Instantiate the plugin
files = BotFilesPlugin()

# Creates a zip file called "result" containing all the "documents" directory content
files.zip_directory("files/documents", "")

Unzipping files

It is possible to unzip only a specific file or the entire contents of a zip file.

# Instantiate the plugin
files = BotFilesPlugin()

# Unzipping all contents of "my_zip" and saving to "zip_content" folder
files.unzip_all(zip_file="", destination_folder="files/zip_content")

# Unzipping only a single file contained in "my_zip"
files.unzip_file(zip_file="", file_to_extract="image.png")

Waiting for files

In some cases it is necessary to wait for files to be saved and available in certain folders, such as processes where files are downloaded from a website.

In these cases we may not know the exaclty name and path of the file that will be downloaded, making the process of waiting for the file more complicated. Also, when working with large files we may not know exactly how long it takes to wait for the file, affecting the rest of the process.

With that in mind, the wait_for_file method offers a way to wait for a new file without any difficulties. It is possible to monitor a destination folder through a context manager until a new file is completely created or modified.

from botcity.plugins.files import BotFilesPlugin
from botcity.web import WebBot


# Instantiating o webbot
bot = WebBot()

# Setting the default browser
bot.browser = Browser.FIREFOX

# Setting the WebDriver
bot.driver_path = r"geckodriver.exe"

# Instantiating the plugin
files = BotFilesPlugin()

# Accessing a web page through the WebBot

# Waiting for a new ".bin" file to be saved in the "downloads" folder
with files.wait_for_file(
    print("\nDownloading file...")

    # Clicking to start download
    if bot.find(label="download_file", matching=0.97, waiting_time=10000):

# Continuing the process after waiting for the file
print("\nDownload completed, continuing the process...")

# Getting the full path of the newest ".bin" file in the "downloads" folder
file_path = files.get_last_created_file(